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The Society Indoor meetings are held on alternate Thursdays
between September and March at 7.30pm
in the Crosthwaite Parish Room in Keswick.
Field outings are organised at various times through the year.
Visitors are always welcome to the Society's events
for which there is a small charge

Next Meeting:- November 2nd
Freshwater Pearl Mussels
Roger Sweeting

Although the freshwater pearl mussel's distribution ranges across parts of Britain, the rest of Europe as well as North America, it is very much an endangered species. Roger is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Freshwater Biological Association and is involved in a restoration programme for the pearl mussel. He has in the past worked for Thames Water, the National Rivers Authority and the Environment Agency and is also Chairman of South Cumbria Rivers Trust. In this talk he will share his expert knowledge of the lifestyle and current status of this intriguing species.

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