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The Society Indoor meetings are held on alternate Thursdays
between September and March at 7.30pm
in the Crosthwaite Parish Room in Keswick.
Field outings are organised at various times through the year.
Visitors are always welcome to the Society's events
for which there is a small charge

Next Meeting:- November 16th
The Wonderful World of Ferns
Trevor Piearce
Trevor will define what is, and what is not, a fern, and go on to consider the great variety of ferns that we find in this country and overseas, fern natural history and folklore, and the Victorian craze for ferns that has left a legacy that includes many fern books, fernware (pottery, glassware etc. decorated with fern designs) and the British Pteridological Society which began in the Lake District and celebrated its 125th anniversary last year.

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